How to Track Mileage on iPhone

If you’ve ever wondered how to track mileage on iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of apps available that allow you to keep track of your mileage. Some of them are GOFAR, Stride Tax, and TaxMileage. These apps help you keep track of your distance, so you can compare your results.

Health app

If you have an iPhone and are interested in tracking your mileage, you can use the built-in health app to do so. Newer models of the iPhone are much more powerful than previous models, so they are ideal for mileage tracking. The Health app also stores all your daily activity data, so you can easily view your progress.

The Health app is available on the Home Screen, and it has a heart icon for quick access. You can set up your personal health information, and grant the app permission to access your data. From there, you can view your activity in graph and page format. You can also highlight particular data based on your preferences.

If you use the Health app for tracking your mileage, you’ll want to set up your profile for a more accurate readout. To do this, you first need to add a medical ID. This is an option available in nearly 100 clinics and hospitals, and allows emergency care providers to pull your medical information. By default, the Medical ID feature is disabled.

Another option to track mileage on the iPhone is to install a third-party app called Pedometer ++. This app provides information from the Apple Watch and Motion & Fitness. This app also displays your steps. If you’re a regular walking or jogging enthusiast, you’ll want to download Pedometer ++ for iPhone.

In iOS 11, the Health app has a new setting that lets you change the way it collects data. To use this feature, go to the Settings app and open Health. Click on the Data Access & Devices tab. In the Data Access & Devices section, tap on your current iPhone. You’ll also be able to see previous Apple devices.


TaxMileage is an app that can help you keep track of your mileage. It is free and can be installed on the iPhone. This app has many of the same features as MileIQ, but it lacks automatic drive logging. However, it is still an excellent option for manually recording your miles.

There are many options when it comes to mileage tracking apps, and it is important to make sure you choose one that works for you. If you need to track business mileage, you should look for an app that records your mileage for the IRS automatically and stores your logs safely. Driversnote is the best choice for tracking business mileage.

The app is available for both free and premium versions, and can help you keep track of your expenses and mileage. It is also easy to use and has plenty of features. You can save time by entering trip data manually, but the premium version has automatic trip recording and exports to excel files for tax time.

Tax mileage tracker apps use the GPS tracking capabilities of a cell phone to keep track of your business mileage. This way, you’ll never miss a single tax-deductible mile. It is essential to keep track of your mileage every time you use a business vehicle. It is also helpful to keep track of your expenses while traveling, such as gas or other automobile expenses. The app also allows you to take pictures of receipts. The data is then presented in a comprehensive report.


GOFAR, an application for tracking mileage and fuel expenditure, is a great way to save fuel and lower emissions. The app will also keep track of your driving expenses and send you reminders to avoid fines. It works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, and requires no technical expertise. It automatically logs your driving expenses and can even be used without an iPhone. It’s also tax-deductible and IRS-compliant.

GOFAR automatically logs your trips and saves them in a tally. The tally can be exported to Microsoft Excel or sent via email. This makes it easy to calculate your mileage and get the right deductions. GOFAR also features an exclusive fuel-saving system that can help you save up to 30% of your fuel. This means more cash for you and your family come tax time.

While GOFAR is a great way to keep track of your mileage, it’s important to consider other areas before selecting an app for your car. If you want to track your gas expenses, GOFAR is one of the most affordable automatic mileage trackers on the market. It also offers a number of advanced features.

GOFAR’s cost is $129 (regularly $149), and the Standard Kit includes the GOFAR Ray, which helps drivers avoid speeding fines and save money. GOFAR has already gained the trust of a number of drivers. The app claims to have tracked over a billion miles and saved more than $300 million in taxes.

There are numerous mileage trackers for iOS, and choosing the right one depends on your needs. Some mileage tracking apps work in real time while you drive. Others require user input to calculate mileage. Some of these mileage trackers allow you to specify the purpose of each trip.

Stride Tax

If you have an iPhone and want to track your mileage, you’ll be happy to know that there are some easy ways to do this. The Stride Tax app offers a range of features that can help you make the most of your miles. One of those is the ability to view all of your deductions. This app also lets you view your trips by distance and job type.

Stride has several benefits over other mileage tracking apps, including integration with H&R Block’s tax program. The app allows you to import expenses with one click and also allows you to manually start and stop tracking your miles. Besides, it is free, and you can use it to track your expenses as well as track your mileage.

You can also save receipts to the app. This is useful for tracking expenses and making sure you have everything for tax time. The app also offers bank integration so you can easily import your expenses. Having an app to track expenses can save you a lot of time and money. It also helps you to prepare an IRS-compliant tax report.

Stride helps you to track your business expenses easily and accurately. Its powerful features help you to get more deductions for your business and save thousands of dollars every year. The app automatically imports expenses into a database and creates an IRS-ready report for you. This app is perfect for anyone who works as an independent contractor.

Apart from keeping track of your business expenses, the Hurdlr iPhone app also provides a range of other useful features. It allows you to track your mileage for tax purposes, as well as to categorize your trips as personal or business. It also offers a reminder system for tax deadlines.


Driversnote is an automatic mileage log application that keeps trips logged, categorizes them, and creates tax-compliant reports. It features a web app and Android and iPhone mobile apps. Driversnote strives to make working life easier by automating all of the steps of mileage logging. The application even works with iBeacon, a technology that records all trips without the need for manual recording.

If you’re a taxpayer, you probably know how important it is to track mileage for tax purposes. With Driversnote, you’ll never forget to report your miles, again. The app will save all your mileage data in a format you can easily import into your tax return.

The app automatically detects your vehicle’s location, including your current location and past locations. It also detects people you’ve visited. Once it has detected your trips, you can review them and make adjustments if necessary. Driversnote is available in the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Another mileage tracking app is MagicTrip, which works with the iPhone’s GPS system to track business mileage. This app requires a basic account, which costs $9.50. It works by using an iBeacon in your car to notify the app that you’ve entered and exited your car. You can even categorize trips as personal or business.

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