How to Wear a Suit Casually on a Day Off

Suits are an expensive fashion choice, and most men only wear them once or twice a year. However, wearing a suit on a more casual day can help you get a professional look without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to make your suit look casual on a day off.

Notch lapels

Notch lapels can be an excellent choice for men who want to make a strong style statement. The narrow indentation on the lapel makes this style versatile and timeless. Its versatility also makes it an ideal option for novices and experts in menswear.

Although a lapel is only a small part of a suit, it can make or break the overall look. As such, it’s important to pay close attention to its proportion and balance. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re wearing the right one for your body type.

A notch lapel can be paired with a spread collar, tab collar, or forward point collar. The latter is better suited for a more formal occasion.

Check patterns

The classic windowpane check pattern is a popular option for a suit. This design is typically dark in color and is made up of thin stripes. It is a classic design that will add subtle height to your outfit. These patterns are often used on sports jackets or vests and are best for suits that are dark in color.

While the classic windowpane check is a great choice for a casual suit, you can also try buffalo checks, which have become a hot trend in recent years. Buffalo checks are a great choice for both workwear and outdoors-inspired pieces. These checks are also extremely versatile and look great with a blazer or jacket.


Pinstripes are a classic pattern that has been popular for decades. These stripes have an urban, tailored look that is perfect for the multifaceted gentleman. Pinstripes can be worn on both dark and light colored suits. Pinstripes are most popular on worsted wool suits.

You can wear a pinstripe suit for a casual event by combining it with a lighter shade of blue or gray. You can even go without a tie and wear the top button loose. This style is also a great choice for warm weather.

A pinstripe suit has a long history and is a classic choice for any occasion. The pattern originally symbolized power and sophistication. In the 1920s, pinstripe suits were popular with bankers and other wealthy individuals. However, these suits fell out of fashion after the recession. Fortunately, they have a resurgence in popularity, thanks to celebrities like Daniel Craig.

Streamlined Sneakers

There is a wide range of streamlined sneakers available that are suitable for wearing with a suit. The key is to find a pair that matches the shape and colour of the suit. It is also important to find a pair that syncs with the proportions of the suit. For example, a skinny suit should be paired with a slim pair of sneakers, while a big one should be paired with a big pair.

While wearing a suit with a pair of sneakers used to be seen as a fashion faux pas a few years ago, athleisure has changed all of that. This is due to the endless range of styles and designs available in sneakers. This combination has been embraced by celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, and many others. But the best part is that any man can pull it off.

Oversized tailoring

One of the most important elements of a classic oversized look is a well-made shirt. The right shirt can be worn with almost anything, and a good-quality one will make you look elegant and refined. You can also consider investing in a hemp shirt, which is affordable and stylish.

A key point when wearing oversized tailoring is to make sure that it flatters your shape. The shape should be oversized, but not excessively so that you look like your father. Instead, choose an oversized piece that has just enough shape to balance out the bulk. This way, you’ll look smart and enviably comfortable without sacrificing comfort.


There are a number of ways to wear knitwear casually with a business suit. The first is to choose a shade that complements your suit or jacket. Dark blue, black, gray, and dark green are all safe shades. You can also opt for a basic style with long sleeves and buttons down the front. Printed sweaters are also a great option for casual chic and add an air of casual sophistication to your suit.

Another way to wear knitwear is to pair it with a t-shirt or an Oxford shirt. While traditionally, this style paired with a formal dress shirt, modern men have found that the cardigan works well with a variety of shirts. Whether you choose a traditional or trendy shirt, you’re sure to find one that works with the look you’re going for.


There are a number of ways to wear a suit casually with a pair of joggers. You can opt for solid colors or for a camouflage print. Quilted materials and metallic shades also provide a contrasting textural element. You can even incorporate a workwear influence by opting for box graphics or parody designs. These details add a hint of old-school rave to your look.

One of the best options for joggers and suits is a pair of joggers from a reputable Swedish retailer. You can also choose from a vast selection of sweatpants from H&M.

Joggers with flannel pants

Whether you’re going to work or a social event, you can wear a suit with joggers to make your look more casual. Pair joggers with heels and a cute designer handbag to complete the look. For a more feminine look, add a blouse. A crop top with a bold print or an embellished button-down shirt will add a touch of personality.

Plaid shirts are a fall staple, but they can also be worn year-round. In addition to flannel shirts, you can also wear a denim jacket with a pair of joggers to complete the look.

Knitwear with a vest

A vest is a great way to dress down a suit for a more relaxed occasion. It can be worn over a dress shirt or with jeans and chinos. In warmer weather, it can be layered under a sports jacket. It can also be worn in the winter months to keep you warm.

To wear a vest over a business suit, choose a light-coloured one that contrasts with the suit. A light gray vest looks great over a white or navy blue Oxford shirt. It’s important to make sure the colours contrast so that the entire ensemble looks smart and elegant. Then, pair the sweater with a tucked-in shirt to complete the look. Adding a bowti to the look will add a dapper touch.

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