iPhone Nightstand Dock – The Best Way to Charge Your iPhone in Bed, While You Sleep

The iPhone Nightstand Dock is an excellent way to charge your iPhone in bed, while you sleep. This convenient accessory fits perfectly on your nightstand and uses only one electrical outlet to charge three different devices. This way, you are always sure to wake up to a fully charged device. Moreover, its square design allows you to hit the charging zone quickly and easily.

Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand

The Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand for iPhone night stand dock is an attractive way to keep your phone in its proper place. It has a cork pad for stability and keeps the metal base off your desk. It works with Apple’s MagSafe charger. You can use it for portrait or landscape orientation. The stand is designed to complement the style of your living room.

The wood finish on the Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand for iPhone night stand dock is charming and sturdy, which makes it a great decor piece. It also works as a phone stand for your iPhone, and is MagSafe compatible, meaning that it works with all iPhone models from 12 to 13. It is designed to hold your phone vertically and horizontally, making it perfect for your nightstand.

It costs about $120 from the Grovemade website. You’ll also need to purchase a MagSafe charging pad or a suitable power brick for the device. The Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand is priced at $120, but you’ll have to pay extra for the MagSafe puck.

Despite the high price tag, this dock works with all Lightning-based iPhones and iPod touches. It’s made of premium materials and is available in walnut and maple colors. The Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand for iPhone nightstand dock comes with a lifetime warranty and is a great investment for any home.

Henge Docks Gravitas

If you’re looking for a nightstand dock for your iPhone, Henge Docks Gravitas is a solid option. This device has a compact design and is made from a sturdy zinc alloy. It’s MFi certified and compatible with most iPhone models. You can even upgrade the insert to accommodate newer iPhones and iPads.

One drawback to the Gravitas is its steep angle. It may restrict your viewing angles if you’re looking to use your iPhone with its display while docked. Luckily, the dock’s home button groove lets you quickly press the home button. However, you can’t use Touch ID with this product.

One of the best things about this dock is its aesthetics. It looks nice, and it’s very sturdy, which is ideal if you’re not using a case. Unlike some of the cheaper docks on the market, you have to use two hands to remove your phone from the dock.

Another plus is that it’s priced reasonably compared to other iPhone nightstand docks on the market. While this dock isn’t cheap (it sells for $69USD/89CAD), it is a solid option for iPhone users. You’ll need to invest in a lightning connector for it to work with your phone. The Gravitas will also give you access to audio and charging ports.

The audio quality on the Gravitas is very good. The sound quality is similar to that of Apple’s. The audio volume is also comparable. The dock also comes with a 3.5mm audio line-out port for you to connect your iOS device to speakers. You can also use the internal DAC of the device to transmit audio with high quality. However, the Gravitas won’t work with headphones that have built-in volume adjustments.

Belkin’s mStand

BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand by Belkin is a multi-functional charging stand for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The 7.5W Qi wireless charging pad powers your iPhone while the built-in magnetic charging module powers your Apple Watch when you’re in the Nightstand mode. This multi-function charging stand also features a built-in Apple Watch charger so you can have a spare battery for your wearable at any time.

The mStand focuses on a minimal footprint, but offers a lot of features. It features a rounded base with angled metal stalks that hold your iPhone and Apple Watch. The dock comes with a wall adapter and a two-year warranty for the Apple Watch and iPhone. In addition, the Apple Watch charger has an embedded AirPods pad for charging your AirPods.

For people who spend a lot of time on their smartphones, a dock is a handy place to rest it while you’re trying to sleep. You can even rest the iPhone on the dock and read your emails or view the display without your hands. The only downside to this dock is its limited storage space, but it may be the perfect choice for you if you use your iPhone often in bed.

The M2 Stand is a mini version of the mStand for the MacBook. It’s a lightweight, slim design that hoists your iPhone into the air. It also offers a consistent pedestal design for your desk. However, be aware that it’s extremely light and is easily knocked into other objects.

HiRise Duet

The HiRise Duet for iPhone night stand dock is a dual-port charging station for your iPhone and Apple Watch. It features an integrated Lightning Connector, leather accents and a rubber base. It also has a back support and includes a magnetic Apple Watch charging disc. One downside is that it doesn’t work with the supersized iPad Pro.

HiRise Duet is designed to last and has an adjustable back support plate that adjusts to fit different iPhone cases. The stand can also accommodate other Lightning devices, such as charging cases for Apple TVs and AirPods. In addition, the Lightning connector can be moved up or down using a provided wrench.

The HiRise Duet is available for $119 on Twelve South’s website. The dock is compatible with the latest iPhone models. It also works with Apple Watch and iPad minis. The Duet dock is compatible with Apple’s latest models, including the iPhone 5s, 6/6s, and 7/7 Plus.

The HiRise Duet is compatible with most Micro-USB and Lightning-charged devices. It can also charge your Apple TV’s Siri Remote. As it only weighs 0.5 pounds, it’s an excellent addition to any living room.

Oakywood Triple Dock

The Oakywood Triple Dock for iPhone nightstand is an elegant way to charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously. Made of solid wood and finished with ecological oils, it is both functional and beautiful. It features a magnetic base and micro-suction technology to keep three devices securely in place. It also includes two lightning cables.

The Triple Dock works with all cases and has adjustable backings so that your device can sit comfortably and stand upright without damaging it. It is also customizable so you can display it anywhere in your home. The dock is compatible with certain generations of Apple devices. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can purchase an Oakywood Triple Dock in a different color or with a personalised engraving.

The iPhone 12 does not come with a dock, but this dock can help you charge your phone easily. The docks come with a stand so you can set your iPhone on it while it charges, and they are designed to allow you to watch videos and notifications while your phone charges. Most of them also include additional charging stands and spots for AirPods.

The Triple Dock for iPhone nightstand supports Qi wireless technology, a wireless charging standard developed by Apple. It supports Qi devices up to 7.5 watts and is compatible with Apple Watch. The dock also supports charging multiple devices at once. It charges through most cases up to 3mm thick.

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