Top 5 Email Clients For iPad

If you are looking for the best email clients for iPad, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing an email client can be easy, but if you don’t know where to start, it can be confusing. This article will go over some of the most important features to look for when choosing an email client for iPad.

Light or dark mode

If you’re looking for a way to customize the look and feel of your emails, using Light or Dark mode can be useful. By default, regular text and rich text emails will appear in dark mode. The dark background will have lighter fonts, while white text will appear in black. If you’d prefer to see your emails in light mode, however, the Gmail app will invert its color scheme.

If you choose dark mode, make sure to include a white stroke around any black text or icon. This will make the content more readable. However, if you’re using light mode, it’s better to avoid the use of white strokes, which will blend into the background. You should always design your emails with both the dark and light themes in mind, so that they look great in both.

In addition to light and dark themes, some email clients also offer options for customizing the email appearance. Some email clients don’t change the color of emails when in dark mode, which can affect readability. Other email clients allow for partial color invert, which inverts light backgrounds to dark. This option allows for less intrusive changes to the email design and less likelihood of incorrect display.

Light or dark mode for email clients for iPad can be a tricky decision. Dark mode is not suitable for every brand or message, and white text on black background can be hard to read for some people. However, there are many advantages to using dark mode.

Drag & Drop

If you want to add drag & drop support to your email client, then Readdle is the app for you. The drag & drop functionality works well and complements Readdle’s iPad apps. This feature makes it easy to add multiple attachments to an email, including PDFs. You can also save attachments to folders.

This feature is available on a large number of email clients for the iPad. It has been around for a while, but was not emphasized in last year’s iOS 15 update. While this feature is not groundbreaking, it can greatly enhance the user experience. You can also use drag & drop to attach files to emails.

Drag & Drop is a convenient feature for managing documents on the iPad. Users can drag and drop audio, video, and other document formats. Unlike in many applications, you don’t have to move the documents to the recipient’s device. You simply have to move them to a new location on your device. Drag & Drop is far faster than copying and pasting or downloading documents one by one.

Drag & Drop functionality has also become a popular feature for iPhone users. It has been available on iOS since iOS 11, and the latest iOS 15 version adds an easy way to flag emails. This function is more organized than simply assigning colors, and the iPhone’s Mail app and Gmail app now allow flagging emails. When you flag an email, it will be displayed in a red color.

People Toggle

You can easily find emails in the inbox by using a filtering application. This feature reduces the clutter in your inbox. For example, if you receive a message from someone you do not want to receive, you can hide their messages. Email filters can also be turned on and off. You can also customize the filters by using the color coding feature and adding multiple email accounts. You can also choose a dedicated folder for your email attachments.

Blue Mail

If you’re looking for an email client that’s light and easy to use, Blue Mail is the app for you. Available for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS, BlueMail has a customizable, people-centric interface that allows you to manage multiple accounts and inboxes. It also offers an integrated calendar and scheduling capabilities. It supports Microsoft Exchange protocols and is incredibly user-friendly.

BlueMail’s interface is easy to navigate and the data is presented in a compact manner without too much spacing. It also comes in light and dark themes, both of which are optimized for the iPad’s AMOLED screen. Users can also choose to turn off notifications in the settings menu.

BlueMail is now being sued by its creators Dan Volach and Ben Volach, who allege that Apple infringed upon their patent. The developers also accuse Apple of copying the ideas behind BlueMail and stifling competition. Volachs hope that this case will attract attention to the case.


Unibox is an email client that focuses on the simplicity of the interface. It groups emails by sender, and makes it easy to find messages, attachments, and other information. The email inbox is also customizable. Users can group messages by the sender or by the date sent. In addition, they can see all of the previous conversations with the same person and see all the attachments.

The app is compatible with most email providers, and it offers the same functionality on iPad as it does on other mobile devices. It also supports Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Box, and it has a beautifully threaded message design. One of the major complaints about this app is that it has poor synchronization, but it is otherwise a good option.


Spark is an email client for iPad that combines a simple design with powerful features. Its home screen offers quick access to important messages, and it offers the ability to set aside emails for later processing. Spark is also designed with your convenience in mind – you don’t have to be in the app to respond to emails. You can even send emails to yourself later if you wish. However, you should be aware that Spark might have some problems with recognizing emails as important, so you should always be careful when using it.

Aside from emailing, Spark also supports collaboration, with features like team-based email. This means that you can easily share emails with colleagues and even set deadlines. There are even features that let you set reminders and get notifications. Lastly, Spark features a calendar, but it doesn’t sync with Apple’s calendar app.

Spark is also compatible with task managers, making it easier to manage your tasks. It also features a link to your email in your task manager. This feature is useful if you need to quickly access your emails. The Spark email client for iPad can also be used on Macs. The latest version of iOS 9.3 beta is compatible with the Spark email client for iPad.

Spark email client for iPad has a dark mode option. This feature is a welcome addition for users of iOS devices. Before, Spark only supported light mode. Now it supports both dark and light modes. The default setting is light mode, but you can opt to permanently keep the app in a dark mode.

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